Klebeband PP

Used mainly for wrapping small packages, boxes and newspapers. In bigger and heavier packaging or transport, PP tape may cease to function properly. For this purpose, PET tape is strongly advised. Available in: light: 5-8 mm medium: 9-12 mm heavy: 14-19 mm

Klebeband PET

Increasingly popular. Guaranteed high quality and protection. Durability comparable to steel tapes. High temperature and UV light resistant. Damp-proof. Flexibility higher than in steel tapes. Elasticity higher than in PP tape. Used mainly in: construction industry food industry steel industry wood industry other

Malerbänder blau BLUE TAPE

7-days clean removal. Easily removable, leaving no residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. High adhesion to different types of surfaces (also to plastic, glass) and UV light resistance.Perfect for painting and plasters work. Color Size blue 30/40 blue 48/40 blue 38/40


Taśma montażowa piankowa

High adhesion to all surfaces (metal, wood, glass, plastic). Resistant to ageing, UV light, oils and plastificizers. Used mainly in permanent fixing of different materials. Perfect for insulating and fixing uneven surfaces. Available in: white (to use indoors) black (to use outdors) Color Size black 25 mm x 5 m white 25 mm x 10 … weiterlesenSchaumklebeband